Add-in report data not matching with the Google Analytics data

There are many reasons where your data (Extracted using Tatvic Add-in) may not match with the Google Analytics data. Here you can check:

1) Make sure you have applied same parameters in Tool as well as in the GA Interface.

i.e.   - Profile
- Date Range
- Segment (if selected)
        - Dimension/Metrics
- Filters (if applied)

* While checking with Google Analytics, Move the gray circle to "Higher Precision" as shown in following screenshot.

2) Cross-check using GA-Data Feed Query Explorer

 - You can cross check the data using this simple data feed query explorer tool which works based on (Google Analytics API same like Tatvic Excel Add-in). If your add-in data mismatch with this tool, you can contact and let us know issue. If it's showing the same result as the tool then it would be sampling issue or other calculation limitation of the Google Analytics API.

3) Sampling: 

When visits exceed 500,000 in any report, the data is automatically sampled. Read More

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